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Chanel Pre-Fall 2014.
Model: Charlotte Free.

f a s h i o n • b l o g

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Roberto Farruggio

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Anonymous: You should post pictures of your room sometime! That is wonderful that you are still able to have a room there. Are your siblings always traveling as well?

Okay, maybe I will post some snippits from my room when I am there next. :-) I’ll tell you in advance it’s just a red room with a big white bed spread, a glass desk with my computer, babushka dolls, crystals, candles, stacks of old drawings and something like a collection of film cameras. My brothers are stationary for right now but we all were raised the same, a lot of moving, a lot of traveling. xx


Anonymous: Do you plan on ever making a book of your photography?



Anonymous: That statement radiates truth, thank you! How are you persistent? Do you do the chasing? I always have it in my mind that because I'm a girl, I should let them do all the work or it looks desperate.

I think you should try to emancipate yourself from gender roles and what you think you should do / shouldn’t do as a woman. However what I do know and feel is that, as women, we are the sole source of grace and feminine strength that balances masculinity in the world. The way we are innately able to nurture and bring situations into the heart space with grace and divinity is special, and I try to harness that anytime an issue arises. Within love it is no different- what’s your truth? Hold your ground with what your heart is speaking but also trust the ebb and flow of life and love if it isn’t working. Persistence with warmth is great and can truly entice a rekindling but there does need to be effort from both side.. Don’t forget that. I’m sleepy, I hope this makes sense. xoxo


Anonymous: I know you are traveling a lot all the time, but do you still "live" with your parents? As in, do you still have a room there that you go back to in between trips?

Yep :-) I’m in no place to sign a lease or settle down in one city right now, I’m very thankful that my parents have kept our family home even though us kids are never there, it gives us a place to keep our things while we find our own way.


Anonymous: how do you deal with something not working out romantically, although you so wanted it to?

Hmm.. I am personally very persistent. Essentially if they were the one and we just needed time, I would trust and know that we would always find each other again. I guess I would grieve and then pick myself back up. Accept that my path with theirs isn’t parallel anymore, and in time it may join up in rhythm again, but for the time being I need to be accepting of truth, whatever that may be.