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Feeling good. Feeling strong. Happy that I decided to stay in Bali for another month. I don’t feel alone at all. I am so loved by strangers and greeted kindly everywhere I go. All of Dustin’s friends look out for me and ask me if I need anything when I walk past them. How beautiful that family connects family and family connects more family, the divine net grows and grows and holds and holds.. I signed up for a membership at a yoga studio that looks something like a jungle palace.. Lush greens all around. The room I had a meditation class in today had floor to ceiling windows drenched in droplets from the rainstorm, the room echoed with thunder and our breathing. At the beginning of sitting my mind was loud, thinking about dreams for my next month here, thus my eyes would open from time to time to see the waterfall pond on the other side of the glass, chickens and roosters running around the grass hills.. How strange to go from being fifteen in Minnesota, dreaming of traveling and photographing, to being twenty one in Indonesia doing just that. What a vehicle our passions can be.. 

Manifesting beautiful opportunities to shoot portraits that reflect the love I have for Bali, and the love that the Balinese have for everything. Manifesting sweetness to unfold on every corner. Manifesting booty muscles to grow. (Just keeping it real.) xoxo


My lungs inflate with breaths full of love for you, nothing will ever exhaust my strength for you, nothing will ever keep me from thirsting for your thoughts.


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Walter Chappell´s Mother and Son, 1962

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Keith Haring Painting Grace Jones

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A serious girl, when she finds someone who calms her spirit and quiets her busy thoughts, will love you so fiercely, it will defy even her own logic and reasoning.

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Paintings- 2010

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